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Red Kuri Winter Squash and Ribeye Steaks Available The Week!

Posted on October 23rd, 2020 by Kyla Byers

From the larder this week we have Red Kuri squash from Wessel Farm! Red Kuri is a relative of hubbard squash, known for their massive size and one of the longest storing varieties of winter squash. These Red Kuri are much more manageable, averaging between 2 – 4 lbs each. They have a beautiful deep reddish orange color and are slightly sweet and nutty in flavor. We only have about 30 left so this may be the only week to get them! 

From the freezer we have petite beef ribeye steaks (6 – 8oz) for $8 each. These ultra-tender steaks are a perfect way to have a treat-yo-self night in. And because soup season is fully upon us, we have more pork soup bones as well as hocks available this week.

ATTENTION GIRDWOOD, we’re coming your way this week! We only offer delivery to your La Bodega location every other week, so if you’re looking for some veggies soon, now’s your chance! Our first two boxes went out to NOME on Monday and we couldn’t be more excited to start getting local produce up there! If you live in Nome or know people who do, please let them know they can now order from us! Pickup is at the AC Store on Thursdays.

Happy Fall Eating!