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The End of the Summer Season

Posted on September 25th, 2020 by Kyla Byers

I can't believe we've already arrived at the final week of our summer subscription season. It's been a summer full of hard work but great reward, as we've been able to get so much amazing food out the door and into your kitchens. We've been doing a lot of planning a brainstorming over the last few weeks on the best way to continue to provide you with local produce, protein and pantry items throughout the fall and winter. We're making a couple changes but will continue to offer weekly ordering via our Farm Stand Store after taking a week off to do some recouping and reorganizing. Look for an email newsletter coming out soon with all the details on. We will continue to offer a home delivery option in Anchorage and hope to finalize an offer on a new-to-us delivery van this week! 

I feel like I have a new favorite product each week, but I really do love that Brussels sprouts are finally ready! I think they are either a you-love-it or you-hate-it sort of thing, but I am definitely in the love category! If you're somewhere in the middle, or a hater willing to be convinced, just try them roasted. I promise. They are SO. GOOD. Add a little olive oil and salt and that's al you really need. Just make sure they are cooked nice and good, until they get soft and turn a dark olivey green, with some nice brown roasty spots on them. Mmmmmm......