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Farm Happenings for November 8, 2020

Posted on November 6th, 2020 by Sarah Dawson

Personal shares for Sunday, November 8th may include the following produce: carrots, parsley, ginger, beets & more!


In addition to CSA shares we are selling our very own organic hachiya persimmons! This variety is astringent, meaning you will need to wait for them to ripen before eating them otherwise the tannin flavor will be strong. We are packing the fruit when they are slightly underripe, but if you leave them on your counter they will ripen with time. To expedite this process you can also leave the fruit in a plastic bag with an apple or banana--This will bring the persimmon to ripeness quicker. The fruit is considered ripe when the skin is soft to the touch and the interior looks like a jelly. Our hachiya persimmons' flavor is honey-sweet with subtle notes of raisins and mango. Perfect as a sweet element in baked goods like tarts or made into a jam. Use in a savory application for a real treat--Salads, cheeseboards, shrimp, and pasta fares particularly well with the delicate sweetness of persimmons.