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Harvie Farms New Orleans Week 7

Posted on January 7th, 2021 by Simon Huntley

We are excited to introduce you to our chefs of the week: Chef Amarys and Jordan Herndon - owners of Palm & Pine in the French Quarter.

We had a great start to 2021 this week, thank you to everyone who rang in the new year with us! There is no better way to start the year than stocking your kitchen with fresh and local foods.  A special thanks to Chef Amarys and Jordan as well for providing us with the perfect recipes to expand our palates and explore the potential in each box.

Much like the other Chef’s we have featured each week, Amarys and Jordan use many of the same ingredients you can receive each week at Palm and Pine. If you are not yet familiar with Palm & Pine you may have heard about their previous pop up, Old Portage, which inspired the opening of the restaurant.  Amarys and Jordan would whip up delicious late night recipes for Old Portage which allowed them to experiment to find the flavor and vision for their future restaurant.

In 2019 with the support of the large following they built, Amarys and Jordan opened Palm and Pine in the French Quarter. Palm and Pine is centered around the food and drink of New Orleans focusing on what they have coined “the south, and south of that.” You will find the menu features a mix of Creole, Mexican and Caribbean cuisine that is brought to life with the fresh ingredients of local New Orleans producers. If you want to see this vision that has come to life we recommend following them on instagram @palmandpinenola and of course visiting the restaurant  when you have the opportunity!

Until then, we hope you have the chance to use your Harvie New Orleans box recipes to bring some Palm and Pine inspiration into your own home!

Now, here are some updates on the products we have available for you next week!

Cheese share
The cheese share this week is Sweet Grass Dairy, Pimento Cheese (4 oz)

Featured Item
Wagyu Eye of Round, 4 lb (avg. weight)

Some new items this week

Satsuma Bourbon Marmalade, 1/2 pint - JV Preserved Goods
Canestri Fresh Pasta, 1 lb bag - Josephine Estelle
Italian Sausage, Bulk 1 lb.
Louisiana Oysters, Pint or Quart - Crystal Seas
Arugula, 5 oz - Compostella Farm
Mustard Mix, 5 oz - Compostella Farm
Romanesco , 1 head - Perilloux Farm
Fennel Bulb - Pelican Produce

How Harvie Works 

As you may have noticed, we’ve recently updated our share names to better reflect the variety of products we have available - produce, dairy, meat, seafood, and dry goods. Since we’ve moved away from separate produce or meat & seafood boxes, your membership with Harvie Farms New Orleans can include as much variety as you’d like in one box to fit your diet and lifestyle! Setting preferences and customizing your share are two more ways to ensure you receive delicious, local food that works for your household. 

Rating products in your preferences is the first way to ensure that what you love is included in your share. Anything rated with a 1 (Not for Me) will never be included in your share. Interested in only fresh meat and seafood offerings? No problem! You can rate all produce products as a 1, and you won’t receive them. Here’s a brief tutorial on How do preferences work?. To set your preferences ahead of time and make sure your box will be customized to fit them visit this link:

After you’ve set your preferences, you can customize your share during the customization period. When the customization window is open, you can swap items for other products and purchase extras. Here’s a great resource that goes over How Swaps and Extras Work.

Please customize your farm share or purchase extras if you like using the link in your email. You will have until 5 pm on Friday to make changes to your farm share. At that point, we'll send your orders to our farmers and they will be harvesting to get ready for Wednesday delivery! We'll deliver to your home between noon and 8pm on Wednesday. Please check your address and if there are any special directions for how we should deliver let us know here:

How to Reschedule or Hold Your Share

Have a trip coming up, need to hold a particular box, or know that you’ll want to double up on deliveries on a future date? We’ve got you covered! You can reschedule and hold your shares to ensure your deliveries arrive when they work best for your household. Please make these changes  well ahead of time, as finalized shares cannot be rescheduled or changed once they’re included in a delivery. 

Rescheduling a Share Date

When you reschedule your share, you'll be prompted to pick the next available date at your chosen delivery location, and payment will be moved accordingly.  Rescheduling is available to members within the same season.

Rescheduling a Share’s Location

If you need to change your delivery option you can make this change within the same week as the original delivery or can move it to another available week. Your payment will be moved accordingly. Holding a SharePlacing a hold on your delivery will result in forfeiting (cancelling) that share for the week and no additional payment will be charged. You can hold three deliveries per year, and holding your share does not  automatically reschedule those shares.

For more information on these tools, as well as a step-by-step tutorial on how to reschedule or hold a share, check out our resources here

Packaging Return Instructions

We know there is a lot of packaging that goes into delivering your farm fresh goodies which is why we encourage you to return your packaging to us for reuse! Follow the steps below to help us reduce waste!  

- Remove and retain clear plastic bag of local farm products 
- Break down cardboard box 
- Stack shiny liner and ice packs on box 
- Place flattened box, liner, and ice packs in the box delivery location on delivery day 
- Please try to keep the box, liner and ice packs dry when possible.  

Thanks for helping reduce our environmental footprint!  

We thrive and grow on referrals.

If you love your Harvie box, please tell your friends. We are increasing the credit for referrals from $25 to $50 until the end of the year. You can use these credits for extras purchases to add on to your box. Find your personal referral link here: Also, if you post an unboxing, recipe, or testimonial video to twitter, facebook, instagram or youtube.. tag us @harviefarms, add your referral link to the post, and send us a screenshot ( and we'll give you a $5 credit on your account.

Got any questions? Drop us a line at or (412) 567-3864.