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About us

Based at Daily Blessings Farm, the Josephine County Farm Collective is a food hub developed by a group of small local businesses with a collaborative effort to increase access to fresh, healthy food and locally grown agricultural products to the community.  Founded by Carrie Juchau, owner of Daily Blessings Farm, during the 2020 Covid pandemic, these farms, ranches, and home kitchens joined forces in an attempt to fill the gaps in the traditional food supply system. The farm collective has grown from six to 25+ small businesses with more joining the community outreach effort. Local health centers in two cities have also partnered and together we offer a “Work Wellness Program” for employees. 

2023 launches a new transition to a nonprofit entity with educational programs so we can better serve the community with healthy, local food, cut flowers and animal sourced fiber.  We hope you will join the effort to shop local, eat healthy and serve our underprivileged populations within the community.

Week of June 11th Farm Collective

Posted on June 4th 2023 by Carrie Juchau

Feed the Soil and the Soil Feeds Us! The abundance of food coming from the Earth awakens the palate with fresh and vibrant flavors you cannot experience from grocery store food. The strawberries are simply scrumptious!  We welcome several new farms to the Farm Collective in these early spring weeks of our farm share program. Learn more about1 read more »

Basil - Sweet Italian Large Leaf
Beets, Red
Bok Choy-Large
Cabbage, Green
Melon, Cantaloupe
Chinese Cabbage
Eggplant, Italian
Beans, Green
Peppers, Shishito
Broccoli Raab
Swiss Chard
Kale-Green Curly (MMF)
Microgreens - Pea Shoots
Salad Mix (BF)
Peas, Sugar Snap DBF
Tomatoes, Cherry Esterina
Tomatoes, Red Mixed Varieites
Peppers, Jalapeno
Onions-Yellow Globe
Potatoes, Kennebec White (=> 2" in diameter)
Squash, Summer Mixed Varieties
Melon, Watermelon Red Flesh
Squash, Winter
Garlic Scapes
Salad Greens
Sweet Potato
Beet Greens
Peas, Snow DBF
Garden Cress
Mesclun Mix
Flowers-Large Bouquet
Cranberry Walnut Large Loaf
Microgreens - Mixed
Cabbage, Chinese/Napa
Squash Blossoms
Broccoli Leaves
Tomato Juice
Tomato Sauce
Blackberries-Triple Crown
Whole Chicken
Squash, Summer Zucchini
Tomato Soup
Tomatillo Salsa
Turnip Greens
Squash, Winter Spaghetti
Braising Greens
Ground Cherries
Squash, Winter Butternut
Broccoli-Cauliflower-Romanesco Mixed
Pickles, Sweet
Asian Greens
Microgreens - Sunflower Shoots
Dry Beans
Pickles, Dill
Pickles, Born Again Bread & Butter
Dilly Beans
French Tarragon
Beans, Mixed Trio Color
Tomatoes, Paste
Lip Balm, Coconut Lime
Salve - Soothing Skin Blend
Baked Goods
Edible Flowers
Squash, Winter Acorn
Squash, Winter Kabocha
Apple Cider
Squash, Winter Honeynut
Squash, Winter Delicata
Eggplant, Asian
Peppers, Bell Green
Peppers, Bell Colored
Kale Flowers/Raab
Peppers, Jalapeno
Peppers, Anaheim
Peppers, Poblano
Dried Fruit
Potatoes, Norland Red
Potatoes, Viking Purple
Spicy Salad Greens
Mustard Greens
Dried Basil
Essential Oil
Mixed Dried Herbs
Dried Tomatoes
Corn - Ornamental
Dried Winter Thyme
Dried Mixed Hot Pepper Flakes
Dry Orca Beans
Dry Black Turtle Beans
Daily Blessings Farm Gift Card-$25
Melon, Watermelon Yellow Flesh
Melon, Watermelon Green Flesh
Beets, Orange
Cabbage, Red
Goat Cheese - Honey and Bee Pollen
Squash, Summer Yellow
Squash, Summer Scallop
Honey- BHA
Calendula Seedlings (4" pot)
Cucumbers, Lemon
Cucumber, Armenian
Apple Butter
Dried Red Cayenne Pepper
Dried Green Cayenne Pepper
Eggs-Xtra-Jumbo Half Dozen
Tomatoes, Cherry Red
Lettuce Mix
Garlic Scape Pesto
Chicken, Apple, Cherry Sausage Links
Pancake Mix
Pancake Mix - Gluten Free
Lemon Cheesecake Syrup
Bourbon Maple Syrup
Honey Pot
Petal People Cards
Zucchini Pecan Small Loaf
Gift (Basket and Crinkle Paper)
Goat Cheese - Fig
Goat Cheese - Jalapeno
Goat Cheese - Plain with Sea Salt
Chicken Apple Smoked Sausage - Fully Cooked
Potato Seed - Kennebec White
Microgreens - Broccoli Shoots
Microgreen - Cilantro
Microgreen - Dill
Microgreens - Curly Green Kale
Microgreens - Lemon Basil
Chicken Apple Smoked Sausage
Microgreen - Upland Cress
Peas, Sugar Snap LAW
Red Onions
Goat Cheese - Caramelized Garlic
Lettuce-Little Gem Mini Bibb
Eggs-Xtra Jumbo Half Dozen
Turnip - Purple White Top
Lettuce-Brentwood Tango
Eggs - Jumbo BOGO 1/2 Off Special This Week (2 dozen/$12)
Swiss Chard
Lettuce-Cegolaine Bibb
Lettuce-Ezrilla Tango
Lettuce-Ridgeline Romaine
True Juice's Gift Card
Kale - Red Russian
Beets - Red No Tops
Flowers - Dahlias 6 stems
Eggs Jumbo
True Juice Gift Card for Any Cold Pressed Bottled Juice
German Sausage
Ham Steak (1 lb)
Pork Chops
Ground Pork Sausage
TerraShield 30 ml Outdoor Spray
Lettuce-Breen Bronze Red Romaine Mini Head
Moroccan Mint
Goat Cheese - Mediterranean Lavender
Lettuce - Romaine
Country Style Pork Ribs
Spare Pork Ribs
Potatoes, Kennebec White (=< 1" in diameter)
Shallot Potato Onion
Kale: Dino Flat Leaf (MMF)
Kale-White Russian (MMF)
Pork Shoulder Steak
Pork Shoulder Roast
Peppers, Sweet
Eggplant - Japanese
Tomatoes, Cherry Mixed Varieties (MMF)
Cucumbers - Mixed
Tomatoes, Heirloom Yellow Porkchop
Alpaca landjaeger Sausage
Broccoli/Cauliflower/Romanesco Mixed
Alpaca Meat
Peppers, Anaheim
Peppers, Poblano
Peppers, Shishito-DFA
Potatoes, Purple (small)
Potatoes, Purple (medium)
Potatoes, Purple (large)
Cherry Tomatoes - Mixed colors
Potatoes, Yellow Fingerlings
Peppers, Jimmy Nardello
Ubileen Pears
Asian pears
Potatoes, Red (>=1")
Potatoes, Red (>=3")
Potatoes, Red (>=2")
Lettuce Mix - Wildfire
Asian Pears
Tomatoes, Red Galahad
Tomatoes, Cherry Sungold
Tomatoes, Roma
Honeydew Melon
Melon, Ha'Ogen
Watermelon (2-3 lb)
Watermelon (4-6 lb)
Watermelon (8-9 lb)
Watermelon (10-12 lb)
Pluots, Flavor King
Grapes, Table Mixed Varieties
Apples, Braeburn
Cucumbers-Mixed Green
Kale-Mixed Red and White Russian
Potatoes, Small Yellow
Lettuce-Dragoon Mini Romaine
Potatoes, Medium Yellow
Potatoes, Large Yellow
Potatoes, Small Yellow
Potatoes, Medium Yellow
Potatoes, Large Yellow
Peppers, Corno di Toro
Peppers, Serrano
Pears, Comice
Pears, Bartlett
Pears, D'anjou
Apples, Honeycrisp
Apples, Jonagold
Tomatoes, Heirloom Mixed
Tomatoes, Yellow Heirloom Porkchop
Tomatoes, Mixed Cherry
Watermelon-Red Flesh (8-9 lb) - DFA
Peppers, Sweet Banana Peppers
Brioche Nanterre
Watermelon (5-6lb)
Watermelon (7-8+ lb)
Peppers, Habanero
Peppers, Cayenne
Peppers, Lipstick Pimento
Pepper, Paprika
Summer Squash-Mixed
Elderberry Syrup
Elderberry Extract 1 oz
Giant Red Mustard DBF
Kale - Lacinato Flat Leaf
Apples, Golden Delicious
Pears, Bosc
Garlic Mixed Varieties
Elderberry Extract 2 oz
Elderberry Extract 4 oz
Outdoor Adventure Calf Sock Small Black
Outdoor Adventure Calf Sock Small Gray
Outdoor Adventure Calf Sock Medium Black
Outdoor Adventure Calf Sock Medium Gray
Outdoor Adventure Calf Sock Large Black
Outdoor Adventure Calf Sock Large Gray
Outdoor Adventure Calf Sock XL Black
Outdoor Adventure Calf Sock XL Gray
Slipper Bootie Ankle Sock Small Black
Slipper Bootie Ankle Sock Medium Brown
Slipper Bootie Ankle Sock Medium Gray
Slipper Bootie Ankle Sock Large Brown
Slipper Bootie Ankle Sock Large Black
Slipper Bootie Ankle Sock Large Grey
Slipper Bootie Ankle Sock XL Brown
Slipper Bootie Ankle Sock XL Black
Carrots, Orange
Pears, Seckel
Pork Shank
Ham Steak (1.5 lb)
Ham Steak (2 lb)
Ham (8 lb)
Ham (10 lb)
Apples, Fuji
Persimmon, Fuyu
Peppers, Mini Bell
Potatoes, Kennebec White (=<1" in diameter)
Peppers, Sweet Banana, Small
Microgreens - Mixed Farmers Blend
Peppers, Small Green Bell
Kale-Mixed Varieties
Peppers, Poblano Small
Flowers - Small Bunch
Cabbage - Green Caraflex
Rosemary-Garlic Finishing Salt
Black Garlic Finishing Salt
Chipotle Finishing Salt
Lemon Ginger Finishing Salt
Rogue's Heavenly Blue Cheese Finishing Salt
!Fire! Finishing Salt
Oregon Black Truffle Finishing Salts
Oregon White Truffle Finishing Salt
Chai Spice Finishing Salt
Berbere Finishing Salt
Coconut Lime Finishing Salt
Dilly-O Finishing Salt
Lavender Honey Bee Finishing Salt
Morel-Chanterelle Finishing Salt
Thai Chili Lemongrass Finishing Salt
Za'atar Finishing Salt
Tomatoes, Slicer Red
Tomatoes, Heirloom Mixed Varieties
Tomatoes, Cherry Peace Vine
Tomatoes, Cherry Blondekopfchen
Peppers, Jalapeno
Peppers, Jimmy Nardello
Squash, Summer Eight Ball Zucchini
Lotion Bar- Pacific Trail
Peppers, Shishito
Pumpkin Seed Oil
Pumpkin Seed Oil
Pumpkin Seed Powder
Camelina Oil
Camelina Oil
Rice Blend: Apples & Curry
Rice Blend: Creamy Rice Pudding
Rice Blend: Fiesta Rice
Rice Blend: Jambalaya Rice
Rice Blend: Vegetable Pilaf Rice
Rice Blend: Zesty Beef
Jam: Yum Plum Cardamom
Jam: Spiced Apple
Jam: Plumberry
Jam: Pluot with Cabernet
Vinegar: Garlic Rosemary Infused
Vinegar: Raspberry Infused
Herbe Salt: Herbs de Provence
Garlic Salt with Red Sweet Pepper
Soap: Hand Crafted Mystic Rose
DIY Microgreen Kit- Starter Kit
Asters: Blue Tipped White Matsumoto Seedling
Artichoke Seedling 4" Pot
Lip Balm: Rosemary Mint
Lip Balm: Peppermint Cocoa
Lip Balm: Eucalyptus Lemon
Lavender Sachet
Salad Bowl - Small
Salad Bowl - Medium
Salad Bowl - Large
Goats Milk Soap-Oatmeal and Honey
Goats Milk Soap-Peppermint and Eucalyptus
Goats Milk Soap-Jewel Weed
Goats Milk Soap-Thieves Oil
Goats Milk Soap-Pine Tar and Cedar
Goats Milk Soap-Ginger and Rosewood
Goats Milk Face Wash-Apple Cider Vinegar
Goats Milk Soap-Bergamot and Ylang Ylang
Goats Milk Soap-Lemon Grass
Goats Milk Soap-Blood Orange
Goats Milk Soap-Unscented Naked
Goats Milk Soap-Unscented with Himalayan Salt
Goats Milk Shampoo Bar-Tea Tree
Goats Milk Shampoo Bar-Peppermint and Rosemary
Cinnamon Raisin Large Loaf
Rustic White Large Loaf
Lemon Rosemary Large Loaf
Sage and Thyme Large Loaf
5 Grain Large Loaf
Leggings-Alpaca Charcoal Size Sm/Md
Leggings - Alpaca Silver S/M
Leggings - Alpaca Gray L/XL
Gloves - Alpaca Work/Play, Gray, Small
Gloves - Alpaca Work Play Brown, Small
Gloves - Alpaca Work Play, Tan, Small
Gloves - Alpaca Work Play, Tan, Medium
Gloves - Alpaca Work/Play, Brown, Medium
Gloves - Alpaca Work Play, Gray, Medium
Gloves - Alpaca Work Play, Tan, Large
Gloves - Alpaca Work Play, Brown, Large
Gloves - Fingerless Alpaca Work Play, Brown, Small
Gloves - Fingerless Alpaca Work Play, Tan, Small
Gloves - Fingerless Alpaca Work Play, Tan, Medium
Gloves - Fingerless Alpaca Work Play, Brown, Large
Leg Warmers - Alpaca, Black
Leg Warmers - Alpaca, Gray
Dandy Extract
Respiratory Tonic Extract
Socks - Outdoorsman Alpaca Calf, Small
Socks - Outdoorsman Alpaca Calf, Medium
Socks - Outdoorsman Alpaca Calf, XL
Socks - Traveler Alpaca Calf, Small
Socks - Traveler Alpaca Calf, Medium
Socks - Traveler Alpaca Calf, Large
Socks - Traveler Alpaca Calf, XLarge
Socks - Backpaca Alpaca Crew, Small
Socks - Backpaca Alpaca Crew, Medium
Socks - Backpaca Alpaca Crew, Large
Socks - Backpaca Alpaca Crew, XLarge
Socks - Backpaca Alpaca Ankle, Small
Socks - Backpaca Alpaca Ankle, Medium
Socks - Backpaca Alpaca Ankle, Large
Socks - Backpaca Alpaca Ankle, XLarge
Dried Parsley
Dried Mixed Hot Pepper Flakes-Finely Ground
Lettuc -Romaine
Lettuce-New Fire Red
Lettuce-Green Leaf
Peas-Sugar Magnolia HMF
Lettuce-Crisp Mint Romaine
Lettuce-Little Gem
Mustard-Coconut Curry
Cabbage-Green Copenhagen
Giant Red Mustard HMF
Mustard Greens
Microgreen-Ovations Greens Mix
Lettuce - Buttercos
Lettuce-Melodious Mix
Bok Choi-Baby
Cabbage-Copenhagen Half-Head
Swiss Chard
Sauerkraut - Naked
Sauerkraut - Curtido
Sauerkraut - Ginger
Walnuts - Spicy Garlic
Rice Mix-Walnuts and Brown Rice
Dip Mix-Garlic N Ranch
Dip Mix-Garden Vegetable
Dip Mix-Dill N Spices
Dip Mix-Fiesta Mix
Peas-Sugar Snap HMN
Lettuce-Assorted Varieties
Kale-Purple (MMF)
Collard Greens
Peas-Sugar Snap MMF
Chocolate Bark-Dark, Crispy, No Nuts
Chocolate Bark-Milk Chocolate, Crispy, No Nuts
Walnuts-Sweet & Salty
Walnuts-Dont Use
Lettuce-Buttercrunch Bibb
Kale - Red Russian (HMN)
Cabbage-Green MMF
Spring Mix MMF
Beets-Red Small bunch
Cauliflower 2# GBF
Cauliflower 4# GBF
Broccoli Green Head - LAW
Flowers - Mason Jar Bouquet
Squash, Summer Zucchini Black Beauty
Squash, Summer Yellow Straightneck
Celery-Cutting (Leaf)
Onions-NY Early
Onions-Rosa De Milano
Peppers, Padrone (GBF)
Eggplant - Ichiban
Basil Sweet (HMN)
Thyme English
Oregano (GBF)
cabbage, Savoy (MMF)
Peppers, Gypsy
Beans, Green (MMF)
Floral Wrapped Bouquet (Lg)
Basil (MMF)
Cranberry Walnut Small Loaf
Lemon Rosemary Small Loaf
Sage and Thyme Small Loaf
Cinnamon Raisin Mini Loaf
5 Grain Small Loaf
Rustic White Small Loaf
Kalamata Olive and Garlic Small Loaf
Rice Blend: Pumpkin Pie Rice Pudding
Kalamata Olive and Garlic Large Loaf
Peppers, Cubanelle
Cucumbers, Pickling
Lettuce-Rosebud Romaine
Microgreens - Dill
Lotion Bar-Honey
Peppers, Anaheim (HMN)
Tomatoes, Cherry Mixed (HMN)
Parsley, Flat Leaf Italian
Parsley-Curly Leaf
Honey Bourban Mustard
Apples, Ginger Gold
Pesto (FRF)
Potatoes, Blue and Gold
Jam: Blueberry
Peppers, Bell Green
Tomatoes, Early Girl
Dill, Green Seed Heads
Peppers, Cubanelle
Tomatoes, Cherry Sungold
Sunshine Bouquet (Small)
Pickles, Dill NY Style(BBL)
Tomatoes, Cherry Mixed Varieties (BBL)
Peppers, Bell Purple
Peppers, Bell Purple
Tomatoes, Green Zebra
Apples, Scarlett Gala
Squash, Summer Zucchini (MMF)
Garlic Georgian Fire
Pesto (BBL)
Thai Basil Nasturtium Pesto
Pickles, Bread and Butter
Squash, Summer Mixed (DBF)
Swiss Chard Green Peppermint
Tomatoes, Cherry Mixed (GBF)
Garlic Chesnok Red
Garlic Spanish Roja
Tomatoes, Heirloom Mixed Varieties (DBF)
Basil Sweet Italian (FRF)
Tomatillos (GBF)
Tomatoes, Cherry Mixed (Pistil)
Beans, Green (DFA)
Tomatoes, Cherry Mixed (DFA)
Tomatoes, Cherry Mixed (FRF)
Jam: Blackberry
Microgreens - Ruby Streaks Mustard
Peppers, Banana
Peppers, Chimayo
Peppers, Padrone
Tomatoes, Cherry Chadwick
Respitory Tonic Extract
Cucumber, Japanese Style
Squash, Winter Carnival
Squash, Winter Honey Bear
Tomatoes, Heirloom Mixed 10 lb Box
Watermelon (13-16 lb)
Watermelon (17-20 lb)
Watermelon (21-25 lb.)
Peppers, Bell Red- King of the North
Peppers, Sweetie Snack
Pumpkin, Sugar Pie (1-2 lb)
Pumpkin, Sugar Pie (3-4 lb)
Potatoes, Purple Huckleberry Gold (Small)
Potatoes, Purple Huckleberry Gold (Medium)
Potatoes, Purple Huckleberry Gold (Large)
Melon, Cantaloupe (DFA)
Peppers, Assorted Sweet
Shallots French Grey
Squash, Winter Butternut (FRF)
Tomatoes, Cherry Blue Gold
Squash, Winter Red Kuri Small
Squash, Winter Red Kuri Large
Squash, Winter Butternut Small
Squash, Winter Butternut Large
Squash, Winter Buttercup Small
Squash, Winter Buttercup Large
Squash, Winter Spaghetti Small
Squash, Winter Spaghetti Large
Cucamelon - Mexican Sour Gherkins
Peppers, Poblano (GBF)
Onions, Fresh Yellow (MMF)
Tulsi Basil
Eggs-2 for $10 Special
Apples, Macntosh
Apples, Granny Smith
Pumpkin, Winter Luxury Pie
Lemon Grass
Honey, Raw Unfiltered 1#
Honey, Raw Unfiltered 2#
Jalapeno Cheddar Large Loaf
Shallots (GBF)
Onions-White Small (GBF)
Dried Tomato Basil Chips
Squash, Winter Kabocha 3 lb
Squash, Winter Kabocha 4 lb
Squash, Winter Kabocha 5 lb
Squash, Winter Delicata (PFF)
Beans, Yellow Wax
Candle 4" Grapefruit
Candle Soy 4" Mandarin Spice
Candle Soy 4" Lavender
Candle Soy 4" Purify
Dried Basil Basted Tomatoes
Microgreen Seed Packet Pea Shoots
Microgreen Seed Packet Ovation Greens
Microgreen Seed Packet Sunflower Shoots
Microgreen Seed Packet Broccoli
Microgreen Seed Packet Broccoli
Microgreen Seed Pack Brassica Boost
Collard Greens (DFA)
Garlic Inchelium
Peppers Serrano
Radish Wasabi
Turnip Small
Leg Warmers - Alpaca Denim
Peppers Assorted Sweet
Peppers, Bell Green (GBF)
Peppers, Habanero (GBF)
Bourbon and Bees Gift Box
PNW Gift Box
Eggs - Baking Special!
Stewed Tomatoes
Sauerkraut - Tumeric
Pickle Chips - Dill
Lotion Bar-Sugar Cookie
Salve- Calendula
Apple-Granny Smith
Cucumber- Lemon
Cucumber- Straight Eight
Cucumber- Martini
Cauliflower- White, small
Rice Blend: Holiday Rice Pudding
Dip Apple Pecan
Coffee Grizzly Peak Blend
Coffee Peru
Coffee TruBlend
Coffee Morning Mud Blend
Coffee Columbia
Coffee Papua New Guinea
Nut Butter- Sprouted Hazelnut 8 oz.
Nut Butter- Sprouted walnut 8 oz.
Nut Butter- Chocolate Sprouted Hazelnut 8 oz.
Pumpkin seed butter, 16oz
Lotion Bar- Peppermint
Lotion Bar- Kentucky Bourbon
Lip Balm- Peppermint
Soap- Sandalwood
Soap-Grapefruit & Tea Tree
Soap- Nag Champa
Soap- Lavender & Lemongrass
Soap-Eucalyptus & Mint Soap
Soap- Oatmeal & Honey
Nut Butter-Pumpkin seed 8 oz.
Spicy Mustard Mix
Baby Bok Choy (BF)
Kale-Red Russian (BF)
Kale-Red Curly (BF)
Kale-Green Curly (BF)
Kale-Dino (BF)
Power Greens Mix
Parsley (Flat Leaf)
Garlic, Spring
Lettuce- Green Leaf
Lettuce- Red Leaf
Lettuce-Green Butter
Lettuce- Red Butter
Cabbage, Green
Turnip- Salad
Jam-Red Plum
Plums- Prune
Plums, Golden
Cider- Fresh Apple Pint
Cider- Fresh Apple Quart
Dill- Fresh
Parsley- Fresh
Onions-Red Storage - Karmen
Onions-Yellow Storage - Newberg
Cilantro - Standby
Potatoes - Purple Viking
Potatoes - La Ratte
Potatoes - German Butterball
Potatoes - Kennebec
Potatoes - Magic Molly
Potatoes - Burbank Russet
Onion - Yellow Storage - Franzisco
Onion - Pink Storage - Roscoff
Onion - Red Storage - Rossa di Toscana
Chamomile - Polish
Lettuce Mix Fresh Greens
Sweet Corn - Yellow - Top Hat
Ground Cherry- Goldenberry
Squash- Summer Variety
Squash Winter - Kabocha - Blue Kuri
Squash Winter - Acorn - Golden Pippin
Squash Winter - Butternut - Sonca Orange
Chives Seedling
Bok Choy
Onions- green
Kale-Red Curly (LAF)
Lettuce-Assorted (head)
Lettuce Mix (LAF)
Lettuce- Power Greens Mix
Squash- Summer (assorted yellow and green)
Tomatoes- Cherry
Onion-Spring Sweet
Peas- Snap
Beans- Green
Tomato- Cherry
Garlic- Chilean Red
Pepper- Jalapeno
Pepper- Shishito
Pepper- Padron
Pepper- Anaheim
Peppers-Lunchbox Mini Sweet
Tomato- Heirloom
Eggplant- Japanese
Pear- Asian
Tulsi (Holy Basil-Fresh)
Tulsi (Holy Basil-Dried)
Basil- Italian
Fennel Seed
Kale-Lacinato (GBF)
Beef-Carna Asada
Beef-Round Roast, Boneless
Beef-Short Ribs
Beef-Ground Beef Grain Finished
Beef-Stew Meat
Beef-Ground Beef Grass Finished
Beef-Osso Bucco Roast, Bone In
Beef-Chuck Roast, Boneless
Beef-Cross Rib Roast, Boneless
Salad Mix (GBF)
Kale-Red Russian (GBF)
Jalapeno Cheddar Small Loaf
Cookies (Mixed Flavor)
Fudge Brownies
Cinnamon Rolls
Ashwagandha- (Fresh Root)
Ashwagandha- (Dried Root)
Flour- Organic Telsa Wheat Flour
Flour- Organic Red Fife Wheat Flour
Flour- Organic Umpqua Red Wheat Flour
Flour- Organic English Squarehead Wheat Flour
Flour- Organic Streaker Barley Flour
Lettuce-Mixed Red and Green Heads
Kale Mixed Varieties (BF)
Kale-Lacinato (LAF)
Kale-Green Curly
Kale-Baby Leaf Mix
Broccoli-Green (GBF)
Cauliflower-Orange Clementine (GBF)
Romanesco (1.5 - 2 lb)
Broccoli & Cauliflower Mixed
Onions-Spring Red
Arugula (UF)
Green Garlic
Garlic Scapes
Kale-White Russian
Cauliflower-Purple Sicily
Peppers- Sweet
Squash- Yellow
Radish- Watermelon
Carrots- Rainbow
Onion- Yellow
Onion- Red
Greens- Mustard
Tomatoes- Slicing
Tomatoes- Paste
Tomatoes- Heirloom
Tomatoes- Cherry
Squash- Pattypan
Greens- Mustard
Cucumbers- Pickling
Squash- Acorn
Squash- Kabocha
Beets- Golden