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Farm Happenings in March 2020

Posted on March 5th, 2020 by Timothy Lyon

We get a lot of asks about what we get up to on the farm in Winter. Since we were away in Australia last year we've decided to pull back a bit in Winter. Our children and friends give us a lot of space to farm in the Summer, putting up with long days and not as much attention. So, in the Winter we do the opposite, paying more attention to friends and family, and less to the farm. That said, there's still a lot on the go. With weekly farmer's market and monthly Winter shares, as well as day-to-day maintenance.

What we've been working on is

  • an overhaul of our online presence
  • better recognition of our farm as an urban one
  • narrowing our crop and product focus for sustainability and enjoyability
  • streamlining our systems
  • renewing old and seeking new partners in the educational aspect of the Market Training Garden (Interested? Drop us a line.)
  • ordering seeds and equipment
  • cleaning, repairing and organizing equipment
  • cleaning, reparing and organizing our urban farmstead
  • planning new crop rotations to incorporate pest resistance and cover crops

And now we're quite focused on recruiting new CSA members. Please spread the word!

Note: please return your empty kraut jars for reuse. Thanks.

See you at pickup.