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Winter share #4, February 13 2020

Posted on February 6th, 2020 by Timothy Lyon

Here comes Winter share #4! We're so glad you've decided to eat through the Winter with us. And, we're pleased to have had so many carrots on offer, and still more to come. As garlic and onions are now all eaten up, we've got some fantastic shallots (large!) from Ed Taylor, who has filled in some of our potato supply too. Is there anything else you wish we had in our shares? Let us know. 

Jun-October Shares will soon be available for purchase - keep your eyes on the Harvie site for them. Don't want a full season share? Sign up for Farm Stand and only get a share when you want it!

Spread the word! Know someone who'd enjoy our produce? Introduce them to our farm on Harvie and you'll get extra funds in your account to spend on Extras.


If it's your first time using the Ktect (785 Sir John A.) location you shouldn't have any trouble finding it on Thursday by turning off Sir John A near Princess St and following the signs for Unit 6A in past Metalcraft Marine and Kingston Symphony. When you arrive, come to the first door at Ktect (marked "Please use other door" - ignore!) and we'll have your box ready inside. We're still doing Bicycle Delivery too, and just celebrated 1 year of operating 99.9% by bicycle.

Squash, onions & taters

This month you'll notice in addition to our produce we're featuring Honeywagon Farms' potato medley and shallots. We're including some Fat Chance Farmstead kohlrabi too.

Timing - Please come within the 4-6 window. If circumstance delay your arrival before 6pm, call and let us know you're late on 613.876.3125.