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Easy Weeknight Meals

Posted on September 13th, 2021 by Derek Dumont

Now that the school year is up and running, your schedule is starting to get busier! You've spent all summer cooking & experimenting, take this week to try out some recipes that require <20 minutes of prep & cook time. We've curated some easy recipes for you to mix and match to create your perfect weekly menu. And... to help get you through the week- try our bulk Buy La Prima Coffee and on sale Natrona Bottling Tonic water for a fun mixed drink.


New Producers This Week- 

Laurel Hill Trout Farm - A family owned trout farm in the Laurel Highlands. Read more about the farm!

Sprezzatura-  A women-owned café with an emphasis on homemade products. Sprezzatura focuses on creating fun around food! Read more here. 


This Week's New Products-

Sprezzatura Artichoke dip
Sprezzatura Chickpea salad
Green beans
Purple beans
Brussels Sprout Greens

5 Weeknight Recipes-

Spaghetti squash - Like spaghetti in a bowl! Throw it in the oven, mix with some Uncle Joe's cheese and Pizza cheese and voila! Recipe Here.

Sheet pan chicken- Mix and match veggies & chicken, for a well balanced and low ingredient meal- Here's an easy variation!

Trout & Meyer Lemon Cold Fused olive oil- Try our new trout roasted on the grill or skillet with the lemon infused oil. 

Blue cheese Gnocchi- The Ohio City Pasta gnocchi makes dinner a breeze- Try out this Recipe for a blue cheese sauce with mushrooms or just 

Nacho night- Load up our corn chips with some Oasis at Bird in Hand cheddar, Clarion River Organics salsa, Jubilee Hilltop ground beef, scallions, fresh tomatoes & Schneider's sour cream