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Farm Box Happenings for Week of February 22nd, 2021

Posted on February 18th, 2021 by Derek Dumont

Greetings from Harvie Farms Pittsburgh!


We have lots of exciting new produce items this week, which should make for some great cooking, everyone! Red Chard, Purple Potatoes, Fresh Oregano, White Scallions, Garlic Chives, and Gold Beets are just a few of the notable additions! 

Coffee Add-on Share: KLVN Coffee Lab's Colombia Finca Danny. This is a wake up and go kind of coffee. A heady floral atmospheric aromatics set the tone followed by scorched earth, flower-pop riffs evoking the intensely sweet notes of Fuji apple, sweet-tart pink guava, and sticky raspberry jam.

Bread Add-On Share: Mediterra Bakehouse's Sourdough Round is made in the tradition of the old-style San Francisco breads. In place of commercial yeast, it’s made with a live fermented culture of flour and water (sourdough starter), which acts as a natural leavening agent. As a result, this bread requires extra time, which also helps to uncover a flavor more complex and distinct than other breads. Once baked, it has a crackling, crisp crust, a wonderful sourdough tang, and a chewy texture that pairs well with just about anything. Try it in place of your usual sandwich bread or grilled cheese.

Be safe and eat well!


We thrive and grow on referrals. If you love your Harvie Farms box, please tell your friends. Both you and your friend will receive $25 in credit. You can use these credits for extras purchases to add on to your future boxes. Find your personal referral link here: 

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How to do Harvie With all of the new products we are adding, you may want to go back and check your product preferences. Set your preferences ahead of time and your box will be filled with your favorites:

Please customize your farm share or purchase extras using the link in your email. You will have until Friday at 8am to customize your butcher box and/or 1pm to customize your farm box. At that point we'll send your orders to our farmers and artisans, and they will begin to pick and pack your delivery for the following week! Please check your address and if there are any special directions for how we should deliver let us know here: 

Packaging Return Instructions We know there is a lot of packaging that goes into delivering your farm fresh goodies which is why we encourage you to return your packaging to us for reuse! Follow the steps below to help us reduce waste. Thanks for helping reduce our environmental footprint!  

 - Remove and retain clear plastic bag of local farm products.
 - Unfold cardboard box.
 - Stack shiny liner and ice packs on box.
 - Place flattened box, liner, and ice packs in your delivery location on delivery day.
 - Please try to keep the box, liner and ice packs clean and dry when possible.