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Farm Happenings for Week of November 17, 2020

Posted on November 11th, 2020 by Neil Stauffer

Up and down, up and down. The temperatures this November have been all over the place--though the extra warm and sunny days sure have been a treat. Nonetheless it takes some extra TLC this time of year to grow perishable crops. Pictured is Brian's lettuce tunnel at Miller Farm in Knox, PA. These bibb lettuces are tucked in and protected from the cold nights. Just a reminder that there is a lot of work that goes into the high quality produce in the boxes this time of year. We hope you enjoy the freshness!

Organic Apples Speaking of hard work, we are also excited to offer certified organic apples. These come from a partner farm in NY state because western PA has almost no certified organic farms that have apples available for sale. And I would say there are two main reasons for that: 1) It is really hard to grow organic apples that look as blemish-free as the non-organic apples in this region, and 2) customers tend to want their apples to look just about perfect. We think these organic apples are quite nice looking in their own right, but you will notice that they have more defects than an average apple. We think it's a good trade off in order to offer regionally grown organic apples!

Final Shares We want to again thank everyone for an amazing first season here at Harvie Farms. We have been blown away by the interest and support or our customers. Thank you for entrusting us to bring you local food groceries for a season. We hope that many of you will join us in December for the Winter Share (email with any questions) or return to Harvie Farms next year when the weather warms again (the Summer Share will start in June and we will begin taking sign ups in early 2021). If this is your last delivery and you have packaging that is still in good shape (boxes, insulated liners, and ice packs), we would be glad to receive it back at our warehouse (150 54th St Pgh 15201) Mon-Fri between 9am-3pm. You can email to make arrangements. Otherwise feel free to reuse and recycle. Thanks again!

Turkey Deadline We appreciate all of the turkey orders this week. We are quickly running out of all sizes. Order before they are all gone. Friday at 1pm is the primary deadline for orders (unless you have a Thursday delivery zip code). All turkey orders going forward must be place through the "shop" link on your Harvie Farms page.

Stay safe, eat well, and stay in touch with us!

Neil Stauffer, on behalf of the Harvie Farms crew

ps--Note that the customization cut-off for Farm Box now continues to be 1pm Friday, and we have also adjusted the Butcher Box cut-off to 8am Friday. Enjoy the extra hour!