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Farm Happenings for week of November 10, 2020

Posted on November 2nd, 2020 by Neil Stauffer

Only two weeks of delivery remain before we take a short break to reset for our Winter/Spring season starting in December. If you are a bi-weekly member, this could be your last week. Please try to return as many of your boxes/liners/ice packs as you can. We hope you enjoyed your Harvie Farms experience and will consider continuing with us into the winter. More information on that below.

Thanksgiving Turkeys Pictured is Daniel from Schmucker Family Farms in Emlenton, PA. Along with his wife, Arlene, and their five young children they have been raising turkeys on organic pasture for the past five years. They carry the torch passed from Arlene's dad, Toby, who raised turkeys since he was a boy. When not caring for turkeys they raise produce for Harvie Farms through Clarion River Organics.

Harvie Farms is offering the turkeys as an Add-on Share via either your farm box or butcher box subscription. The freshly frozen turkeys will be delivered the week before Thanksgiving (November 17-19). Please be sure you have a delivery scheduled for that week to place an order. 

To purchase, you can head to the signup page - here. Please be sure to sign in to your account before attempting to purchase a turkey share. Then, since you already have a main share, just skip over section 1. You will find the turkeys at the top of section 2 "Choose Add-Ons". Note that we will be adding more inventory of turkeys next week.

New Items How cool that every week there seem to be new items coming in. We brought back 3 types of certified organic herbal teas from Cherry Valley Organics. Did you notice the local Regina Margherita pasta sauce on the list? And we also added fennel, Granny Smith apples, bosc pears, bibb lettuce (from a brand new farmer, Brian Miller), jalapenos, and sweet banana peppers for this coming week. Also note that our Mediterra sourdough bread is the Steel City this week.

Auto-renew Next week (November 11-18) will be the auto-renew period for our Winter/Spring season. You'll receive an email with instructions on opting in or opting out. You'll also be able to make adjustments to the size and types of shares you receive. All billing will be set for a delivery by delivery arrangement. So no big pre-payments required, and you can continue to adjust or terminate your share at any time in the future.

Cheese of the Week comes from Clover Creek Cheese Cellar. In their words, "Tussey Mountain is our twist on a soft and savory Swiss Raclette. We named it in honor of the large mountain we see in front of our farm every day. We wash the rind daily for the first two weeks with a special mixture of brine, cultures, and white wine. This gives the outside of the wheel just a hint of a pink hue and a slightly stinky flavor. The traditional method for serving this cheese was to hold a half wheel of Raclette over a fire until the paste (the inside of the wheel) began to melt. Then the melted cheese was scraped onto potatoes or bread. We love the way this cheese melts for fondue or on top of hot sandwiches.

As always--stay safe and eat well!

Neil Stauffer, on behalf of the Harvie Farms crew

ps--Note that the customization cut-off for Farm Box now continues to be 1pm Friday, and we have also adjusted the Butcher Box cut-off to 8am Friday. Enjoy the extra hour!