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Farm Happenings for week of October 27, 2020

Posted on October 23rd, 2020 by Derek Dumont

The cool and often-changing weather. The shortening of days. The reds, yellows, oranges, and many shades in between of the falling leaves. The remaining bounty of fresh foods still coming in from our farmers' fields. There is so much that is distinctly seasonal right now. The team at Harvie Farms Pittsburgh sends warm wishes in hope that you are finding ways to enjoy October and all it offers.

Auto-renew for Winter Shares Hopefully you received an email from us this week with information about the transition from our Summer/Fall season into Winter/Spring. We will follow up with more information about what kinds of products to expect in the boxes during the new season. So stay tuned for that.

Member Credits Many of you have accumulated member credits over the course the season. Perhaps it was for referring a friend to Harvie Farms or for a shorted item in your box. Either way, we encourage you to check out your profile page to see if you have a credit to use. Many of the credits will expire at the end of the year. 

Cheese of the Week: Smoked Galen's Gouda In the words of Clover Creek Cheese Cellar: Once our Galen’s Good Old (gouda style) reaches a maturity of 6 months or more, we set aside a few wheels. We marinate these wheels for several days in distilled smoke, before packaging them for sale. The smoky flavor brings back memories of cool mornings and a warm wood stove brightening the day. Smoked Galen’s continues to be one of our best sellers at farmers’ markets.

Ground Beef Boxes Jubilee Hilltop Ranch has been offering great beef and pork products to our butcher box members all year long. Now we are excited to offer the chance for our farm box members to purchase ground beef as well. Starting this week we will have a Ground Beef Box available in the Extras section. It consists of 10 x 1 lb packs of frozen ground beef from Jubilee Hilltop Ranch and will be delivered along with your farm share box.

Donate-A-Box We can't stop thanking you for the participation in our food donation opportunities. Please keep the Donate-A-Box in mind as you are customizing your share. For $15, Harvie Farms will match your donation and provide a farm box to 412 Food Rescue to share with neighbors in need here in Pittsburgh. Additionally, we want to thank the 50+ members who donated their box from a week during the season when they put a delivery on hold. These generous donations will also be going out to selected members of the community. Thanks again for your willingness to help out!

Turkeys The pastured turkeys are doing well at Clarion River Organics. We hope to have them ready to order by early November for delivery the week before Thanksgiving.

New Items Last but not least, we also want to mention that we are starting to introduce some new and exciting items that will be available throughout the Winter/Spring season. Look for locally sourced oils, vinegars, and jams as you customize your box this week. We are working hard to find the best and most sustainable food options we can find from the region. We hope you enjoy!

Stay safe and eat well,

Neil Stauffer, on behalf of Harvie Farms Pittsburgh