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Farm Happenings for week of June 16, 2020

Posted on June 10th, 2020 by Neil Stauffer

This week will bring out some new products as we jog toward the official start of summertime. Look for some items like fennel and zucchini in addition to some new Asian and collard greens.


I also wanted to clarify about the timing of the customization period. Originally, we planned to send it out on Wednesdays. But we have found that our farmers need another day in order to have a practical sense of what they will have available the following week. We try really hard to collect great produce items locally, and we also do our best to not come up short on the items we list for you. So look for your email on Thursdays. It's a shorter customization window than before, but we think it will make better boxes as we have time to find awesome products! Plus, if you haven't already, please take the time to update your product preferences. Selecting preferences will ensure that the original version of your box is filled with items you like most, which will reduce the need to customize.


We are all learning together this year, and that includes on the box return detail. We still want the Harvie Farms box, silver liner, and ice packs back. However, if you are able, our couriers would appreciate it if you could cut the tape on the bottom of the box so that the box can lay flat. Then just stack the ice pack and flattened liner on top of the box. That will save our drivers a lot of room in their vans, which will allow them to deliver more quickly. Also, if you prefer, you can drop off your packaging directly at our warehouse at 150 54th St 15201 during business hours. Simply put them on the loading docks along the left side of the building. Please don't drop them off after hours. Thanks for your help on that one.


I am fortunate enough to talk to our farmers every week. And I think it's important that you know how excited and grateful they are for Harvie Farms customers. 2020 is an uncertain year for farmers. But the support and loyalty you show them with your Harvie Farms share really means a lot. 

Have a great week. Thanks again for being a part of this local foods movement here in Pittsburgh!

Take care out there,

Neil Stauffer, on behalf of the Harvie Farms Pittsburgh team