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Farm Happenings for Week of May 26, 2020

Posted on May 19th, 2020 by Neil Stauffer

This coming week has been circled on our calendar for months. We have been working hard toward the launch of the first ever Harvie Farms Pittsburgh farm share season. Your upfront support of our mission to connect amazing local foods with families in our city is so appreciated. We truly want to make this an awesome year of food for all of you. 

CUSTOMIZING YOUR BOX: This email includes the contents of your first customized farm share delivery. Please check it out. We hope that the product preferences you chose (or you can update via this link going forward) have created an exciting box of local foods for you. And if there is something in your box that you don't want, you can always swap or add on to your box up until the cut off time each week. Just look for the customization link near your list of box contents in the email.

SEEDLINGS AVAILABLE: There are so many farmers and products that we can't wait to introduce to you. It's hard to know where to begin. But just as we did in our springtime farm stand deliveries, we do still have certified organic seedling collections available for you to add on to your box. Just follow the customization link in the email and look for them in the "extras" section. Here is a link to the contents of the seedling collections.

ADD ON SHARES: Please note that if you signed up for an add-on share of eggs, bread, milk, or cheese--those items are automatically added to your order. You don't need to choose or swap them.

RETURNING YOUR BOX: Our goal is to minimize our environmental impact with packaging. Therefore, we would like you to return certain items to us during your following delivery. Please send back 1) the reusable ice pack with the Harvie label on it, 2) the insulated liner, and 3) the Harvie Farms cardboard box. However, please do not send back any boxes or liners that are dirty or had meat in them. The meat boxes are a different size and shape than the regular farm boxes so they are easy to tell apart. 

Each one of your Harvie Farms boxes (excluding meat) will come with a clear plastic liner in it. Simply remove the plastic liner from your box with all of your contents (we encourage you to reuse the bag at home). Then return the Harvie Farms box, insulated liner, and ice pack by putting it out the day of your next delivery. If your box or insulated liner is worse for the wear, you are welcome to recycle it. We understand that they won't last forever.  

In short, we are thrilled to get started with the season. We are here to connect you with great food from Pennsylvania farmers. We hope it is a win-win for everyone. Please reach out and let us know how it's going.

Best regards,

Neil Stauffer, on behalf of the Harvie Farms Pittsburgh team