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Farm Stand Home Delivery for Tuesday May 12, 2020

Posted on April 28th, 2020 by Neil Stauffer
We hope the month of May is treating you well. The cold weather at night has our farmers in a bit of a bind. Many of their summer seedlings are sized up and ready to be transplanted. But nights down in the 20's-30's spells bad news for heat loving plants. Many of them won't make it through temperatures that low. So our growers will have to replant.
Each farm stand is a product of what our PA farmers can grow, create, or preserve from their farms. We continue to add new and seasonal items to the product list. New this week are Spring Garlic, Granny Smith Apples, Red Romaine, Organic Polenta and Black Turtle Beans, Bread and Butter Jalapenos, and several new varieties of cheese.
Home deliveries in the Pittsburgh region will be in the afternoon on Tuesday May 12.
Please note that the Butcher Box and the Harvie Farms Pittsburgh box are now sold separately (as opposed to previous farm stands). If you would like to buy both options, you will have to go through the check out process twice. Simply choose one share or the other, complete checkout, and then return to the beginning to order the second type of share as well. Note that we cannot guarantee availability of both options.
So to be clear: to purchase both a regular Harvie Farms Pittburgh box and a Butcher Box, you will need to place two separate orders.
As we mentioned in our email yesterday, we suggest ordering ASAP because we will likely sell out quickly. Once your order is placed, you have until 7 AM on Friday to make any edits or additional a la carte purchases. We are prepared to take more orders with each farm stand. So this will be our biggest sale to date. We apologize in advance that we may not be able to fill all of the orders at this time.
We are also offering certified organic seedlings from Cherry Valley Organics.
Back by popular demand, we have 2x the number of seedlings as last time. They are available as an a la carte purchase in the customization section of the Harvie Farms Box (not the butcher box). In short, you can purchase them as an add-on once you buy a farm box. They come in various collections that you can mix and match to jump start your garden. Check out this link to see more details about the great seedling collections.


Also, continuing from our last farm stand, Harvie is sponsoring a 50% coupon for farm boxes to 20 families economically affected by the Corona virus shut down. If that is you, use coupon code: EATWELL50 when you check out. Or if you know someone who should take advantage of this, send this email to them and have them sign up for the farm stand emails so they get their order in on time. We are happy to pay it forward in this manner and hope that if you have the means to pay it forward in your own communities, you will.

We sent out a COVID-19 policy statement here on how we are addressing the crisis and keeping you safe. Feel free to read that for your reference.
If there is anyone you think would be interested in buying a farm box or keeping up with us, have them sign up for the farm stand email list:
Wishing you all good things as many of us spend more time at home with great opportunities to cook delicious local foods.

-Neil & Simon
Instagram: @harviefarms