Small Farm Central: Growing Profitable Local Farms

Growing Profitable Local Farms
Small Farm Central has grown into Harvie: a platform for local farms to run a customizable, customer friendly CSA / farm share program.
The Small Farm Central platform remains active.

About Harvie
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What is Harvie?

Harvie helps farms selling through a CSA / farm share model increase retention (+15-30% year-over-year retention) and meet sales growth targets while increasing overall profitability. To accomplish these goals, Harvie focuses on providing a better member experience that includes customized shares, flexible share sizes and flexible weeks. At the same time, Harvie streamlines administration so the customer-friendly features do not drive farmers crazy with logistics.

Harvie is also a marketing and customer service platform, as we provide a customized marketing plan to meet your membership goals and we also handle customer service inquiries in tandem with you.

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Features and Benefits for Your Farm

About Small Farm Central

Small Farm Central was founded in 2006 by Simon Huntley to serve the technology needs of farmers. Since 2006, over 1,000 farms, farmers markets, fisheries, and other local foods businesses have utilized Small Farm Central’s tools.

Simon grew up on a farm, studied technology, and came back to farming to help develop a CSA program for a fruit farmer in western Colorado.

Small Farm Central Staff

Through this experience working at the ground level, Simon saw that farms needed help to develop a web presence and there was an opportunity to join his passion for technology solutions and agriculture.

In the years since the initial Site Builder release, online sales, CSA member management, and farmers market marketing tools have been added to continue filling the gap between the available technology tools and farms by developing a farm-centric approach and providing education and guidance on how to use the tools.

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The Harvie Blog


What is Harvie?

What is Harvie? It’s an online platform that connects local consumers to local farmers through a customer-friendly CSA / farm share model, including customized shares, payment plans, a Cooking Suggestion Engine and more! We want you to love your farm so your farmer can build a thriving business that takes care of the farm family, their employees, and their land. It’s been a long journey for me to get to this point: the story of why I created Harvie started almost 13 years ago…

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Cooking Simply The Harvie Way

Cooking Simply: The Harvie Way

Buying a farm share from a Harvie farmer is a great first step to culinary adventures and eating healthier, but now you need to take that beautiful, farm-fresh produce out of the box or bag and put it to good use in your kitchen!

Our philosophy at Harvie is that cooking is not about intimidating recipes and elaborate meals. Our obsessions with food TV like “Iron Chef” and “Chopped” make us feel like only the professionals can make food taste good. False…

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One Dollar One Vote

One Dollar, One Vote

Local farms are an essential part of healthy local economies.

They protect farmland from development, they take care of the environment by responsibly growing on their land, they build a rural lifestyle for farm families and their employees, they preserve local food production, and often build a community around their farm.

However, it’s not a glamorous lifestyle. It’s hard being a local farmer…

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