Where to shop for local food in New Orleans

We are coordinating “buy local” efforts at the Geaux Local Community group on Facebook:

Here are some options to shop local food in New Orleans. Please submit any other options to neworleans@harvie.farm and we’ll post them here.

For all of your grocery needs (produce, meat, cheese, seafood and more):

Harvie Farms New Orleans 

Each week Harvie Farms New Orleans brings a home delivered, customized box from local farms and vendors to bring you everything from produce to cheese, meat, seafood, and more:

Use coupon code SHOPLOCAL to get 25% off your first delivery.

Other great options for local produce:

Sheaux Fresh Sustainable Foods (Black-Owned Business)

Thaddeaus Prosper has served thousands of people including two Presidents of the United States. He is now applying those experiences to Sheaux Fresh Sustainable Foods, striving to provide the same level of quality in their products and services by pulling from aspects of multiple disciplines and experiences. Everything that they can provide locally they will in the season in which it is available locally. They understand that there are some things that are desired even when out of season. They will bring those things in and provide you the knowledge if it’s origins. You will find Produce, eggs, honey, seedlings, and garden help and much more!

Covey Rise Farm

Fresh locally grown vine ripened vegetables from Covey Rise Farms in Husser, LA. Expect a selection of seasonally grown produce.

River Queen Greens

The River Queen Greens Farm Share contains a variety of Certified Naturally Grown produce from our New Orleans farm along with some produce from additional local farms. Boxes include a robust selection of greens – salad, cooking, and microgreens – root crops, fresh herbs, and other seasonal favorites. Eggs, mushrooms, and other local products are typically available as add-ons.

For other specialty items:

Buttery Spell  (Black-Owned Business)

Buttery Spell works with local family-owned farms and food co-ops to bring quality products directly to you, guaranteeing the freshest tastes of home! All our nut butters are made with local products. You will find delicious flavored butters, nut butters, charcuterie boards and more!

Viola’s Heritage Breads (Black-Owned Business)

The great, entrepreneurial, and intentional Dream with Viola’s Heritage Sandwich Breads is to create a perpetual international business, rooted in honoring the contributions of unacknowledged people of color in food, that provides a high-quality, culinary-crafted and -flavored everyday quality sandwich bread option. Best enjoyed toasted and as a peanut butter and jelly sandwich!