Harvie is open for 2020

I am excited to announce that we are now accepting new farms for Harvie for Fall 2019 and 2020.

To see if Harvie is a fit for you, go to our Harvie For Farmers page and request a free proposal:

After that, we will schedule an Initial Needs Assessment to discuss your current situation and your goals.

We will work to determine if Harvie is a fit for your operation. I genuinely believe in helping local farms succeed, so we only work with farms that we feel like we can help. Whether or not we decide to work together directly, my desire is for your farm to have the tools you need to succeed and grow the local food marketplace.

I encourage you to read this letter I wrote about this year of Harvie and looking towards the future:

In the coming weeks, I will be sending a video course titled, “How to launch a Harvie farm share program” detailing everything from pricing to distribution, so watch your inbox for those emails.

Happy farming,

-Simon Huntley
Founder and CEO, Harvie