Behind the Box: Meet Adam Ridge, Shift Supervisor

Behind the Box is Harvie’s way of connecting you to the people behind your weekly grocery delivery. Meet Adam Ridge, a Shift Supervisor. His favorite things about Harvie? His coworkers and learning about the local food system.

What is the last thing you ate?

Stir fry! I’ve been trying to put the wok to use. 

What’s your favorite comfort food, go-to meal, or recipe?

Lately, it’s been pierogies kept simple with some butter, onions, and thyme. 

What’s your favorite Harvie product?

Anything from Pitaland, especially the pita chips and hummus. I also keep the pita chip crumbs to top off other dishes!

What’s your favorite spot in PGH?

I always love going to Girasole, an Italian restaurant in Shadyside. It’s stony and subterranean, has eclectic artwork and of course, fantastic food. 

What’s your favorite thing about Harvie/Working for Harvie?

This might be a typical answer but it’s the people, my coworkers. Here at the warehouse we all care about each other and help each other out – everyone pitches in to make the whole machine run. I also love learning more about our local food system.