Behind the Box: Calvin McKinney, Delivery Driver

Behind the Box is Harvie’s way of connecting you to the people behind your weekly grocery delivery. Meet Calvin McKinney, Delivery Driver. His go-to meal? Chili. 

What is the last thing you ate?

My Aunt’s Spaghetti Carbonara!

What is your favorite comfort food, go-to meal, or recipe?

Homemade chili is definitely my go-to comfort food. 

What is your favorite Harvie product?

Oram’s Cinnamon Roll donuts!

What is your favorite spot in Pittsburgh?

My favorite spot is under the Panther Hollow Bridge. There’s a nice little spot with a couch and some chairs that someone put out a few years ago. 

What’s your favorite thing about Harvie/working for Harvie?

My coworkers! They’re all such friendly folks.